foreman-plugins-3.0-deb-test-pipeline 2 failed

Foreman 3.0 Plugins DEB Test pipeline failed:

foreman-pipeline-plugins-3.0-ubuntu2004-install (failed) (remote job)
foreman-pipeline-plugins-3.0-debian10-install (failed) (remote job)
foreman-pipeline-plugins-3.0-ubuntu1804-install (failed) (remote job)
foreman-pipeline-plugins-3.0-debian10-upgrade (failed) (remote job)
foreman-pipeline-plugins-3.0-ubuntu1804-upgrade (failed) (remote job)

Those failed because hammer-templates couldn’t be installed, as the build of Update hammer_cli_foreman_templates requires on hammer_cli_foreman by ehelms · Pull Request #7002 · theforeman/f failed and thus wasn’t included in RC2 yet.

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