foreman-plugins-3.5-deb-test-pipeline 3 failed

Foreman 3.5 Plugins DEB Test pipeline failed:

foreman-pipeline-plugins-deb-3.5 (failed) (remote job)

It looks like Remote Execution fails because it can’t find the Smart Proxy. This may be because it searches for $HOSTNAME which on Debian is the short name instead of the FQDN. This was recently introduced here:

That made me wonder why nightly wasn’t failing. It looks like foreman-plugins-nightly-deb-test-pipeline [Jenkins] last ran in March. I just kicked it off, but I expect it to fail in the same way.

Using the FQDN probably solves it:

As predicted, foreman-pipeline-plugins-deb-nightly [Jenkins] failed in the same way.

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