Foreman-Plugin's required interface-name changed during preseed


The plugin GitHub - theforeman/foreman_fog_proxmox: Foreman plugin to add Proxmox compute resource based on fog-proxmox gem requires interfaces to be net[n] where n is integer >=0.

Once I install a new VM using PXE the interface-name is set to ens18 during the installation. The installation succeeds but once puppet agent runs on the machine, the interface-name is renamed to ens18 which causes the VM to be unsaveable, as the plugin requires the name to be net[n].

Now I just wonder, how to proceed:

  1. Waiting for proxmox-plugin to no longer require the interface-name to be net[n], which I am not sure is happening at all
  2. Set the interface-name to the required schema and prevent the installer to set the name ens18

For option 2 I am not sure how I can archive that. The Debian-installer is being loaded by PXE and I did not figure out how to change the naming-scheme of interfaces here.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

  • 2.4.0

Distribution and version:

  • Debian 10 (Foreman and deployed VM)