Foreman-Proxy 0.2 released

prior of releasing foreman 0.3 shortly, a new release of foreman smart proxy
is due:

Release notes for 0.2

This is primarily a bug-fix release but there are some limited changes in



RPM: usual place (


  • An API for Puppet Certificate listing and signing is provided.
  • An API for Autosign editing is provided.
  • Puppet Certificate revocation is handled properly.


  • A host's tftp server is retrieved from the host's DHCP smart-proxy.
  • Added support for different variants of the PXE boot process. This
    release can support Solaris PXEGrub manipulation.
  • Boot file downloading is more robust.


  • Access to the DHCP server via omshell uses the secret key facility.
  • Microsoft 64bit detection was fixed.


  • Better support for older ruby versions.
  • Debian packaging has been revised.
  • rake now supports a target mail_patches that automates developer's
    patch generation and submission to the foreman-dev group.
  • Runs the smart-proxy process under the smart-proxy account and group.
  • The smart-proxy API provides a Version call.
  • Better error messages throughout.
  • Smart-proxy return NOTFOUND errors when a resource is missing. This
    kind of failure is then handled correctly, in Foreman.

Full bug list, see here:

Many thanks to all contributors and users