Foreman Puppet Maintainers' weekly meeting - Meeting notes

Hi everyone,
there is a weekly meeting about the foreman_puppet effort that has actually been going on for a while and we decided to move meeting notes here as this a community effort. The meeting takes place every Wednesday at 11.30 UTC 2022-03-29T22:00:00Z.

We want to use the board to share the most important news with the community. Also, if you have any questions, topics or feature requests, feel free to ask here. If you want to attend the meeting, please contact @nadjaheitmann .


Meeting 2022-03-30:
Attendees: @amirfefer @MariaAga @MariSvirik @MSinghal @ezr-ondrej @nadjaheitmann

Status Puppet part of the host details page
Mockups: Marvel 3

There is a scaffold by @amirfefer for the Puppet page already merged in master. @Ron_Lavi is implementing the report tab as part of the new host reports plugin. The rest of the tabs still needs implementation.


Meeting 2022-04-06:
Attendees: @MariaAga @MariSvirik @MSinghal @ezr-ondrej @nadjaheitmann @Ron_Lavi

Status Puppet part of the host details page
There is a new project in foreman_puppet github space that should ease the collaboration for the host detail Puppet tab redesign. Everyone who feels like working on this topic can just grab an issue.

In discussion: The reports tab part will probably move to core instead of becoming part of the plugin. Maybe @MariSvirik could add a link to the updated mocks for this.


Updated mocks here
And community thread where we discuss a preliminary design of the table till we get more dev resources.

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Meeting 2022-04-27:
Attendees: @Marek_Hulan @MariSvirik @ezr-ondrej @nadjaheitmann @Ron_Lavi @amirfefer

Status Puppet part of the host details page
@Ron_Lavi takes over the report details sub tab.

Bug Fixes
Bug reported in here was fixed and the fix will be merged, soon. Then, we will publish a new foreman_puppet version that contains the fix.

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Meeting 2022-05-18:
Attendees: @Marek_Hulan @Ron_Lavi @MSinghal @nadjaheitmann

Status Puppet part of the host details page
Report details sub tab is going to be merged, shortly.
ENC tab will be done, soon.

A new foreman_puppet version 4.0.0 for 3.3 with the new Puppet tab will be published once both PRs are merged.

Forklift and Puppet note:
As Puppet was removed from Foreman Core some time ago, it was also removed from the standard installation in Forklift. To re-enable it, the following commit has to be reverted:

On a running Forklift environment, this can be done by changing the lines in the /etc/foreman-installer/scenarios.d/katello-devel-answers.yaml file and rerunning the foreman-installer:

sudo foreman-installer --scenario katello-devel

Related Foreman and Puppet documentation can also be found here:

Meeting 2022-06-01:
Attendees: @Marek_Hulan @Ron_Lavi @MSinghal @nadjaheitmann

foreman_puppet 4.0.0 was released. We will release another minor version once the YAML host details page and some other minor PRs are merged - most likely by the end of this week.

As we are very short on maintainers, @Ron_Lavi and @MSinghal got maintainer status for foreman_puppet plugin. Thanks to the both of you for your contributions!


We’re reviving this thread :slight_smile:

Meeting 2023-01-17:

Attendees: @Ron_Lavi @MSinghal @nadjaheitmann

Today we discussed the following:

Here is a recap since the last time on this thread,

What’s Changed

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