"foreman-rake katello:upgrade_check" not working as expected?

According to the upgrade procedure you should run “foreman-rake katello:upgrade_check” to check for running tasks. So I did this:

# foreman-rake katello:upgrade_check
This script makes no modifications and can be re-run multiple times for the most up to date results.
Checking upgradeability...

Checking for running tasks...
[FAIL] - There are 10 active tasks.
         Please wait for these to complete or cancel them from the Monitor tab.

So I go to the Tasks page in Foreman and see:

So to me it seems like the command “foreman-rake katello:upgrade_check” actually checks for also tasks that are Paused. Is that expected?
I assume that running the upgrade with paused tasks is fine.

At least that is how it has always worked.
I guess the reasoning behind that is that paused tasks are a problem in general. They are not finished, can still hold locks and can lead to an inconsistent state. You should try and resolve those before upgrading.