Foreman_remote_execution 0.3.2 released

Hi all,

The remote execution team is happy to announce the release of
foreman_remote_execution 0.3.2. The remote execution plugin enables Foreman to
run arbitrary commands on remote hosts, currently via SSH although additional
providers are planned.

The documentation is located at:
Foreman :: Plugin Manuals

This release requires Foreman 1.11 and packages are available for both DEB- and
RPM-based distros. This release contains a number of bug fixes, as well as a
new feature allowing you to import and export job templates.

We've also moved the job templates' source to be in the community-templates[1]
repo on GitHub, to make it easier to contribute. If you have ideas about
additional job templates that may be useful, or want to extend existing ones to
support your favorite OS, pull requests are welcome.

A full list of issues is available at [2]. If you come across any issues,
please file a bug in our redmine tracker [3].


Stephen Benjamin

[2] Issues - Foreman Remote Execution - Foreman
[3] Foreman