Foreman reporting that CentOS VM has "Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7.4" product installed

I’m not sure how to remove the installed product “Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7.4” which is currently registered against one of our content hosts (which is a CentOS VM).

We do have Redhat datacenter licenses, but this particular VM is supposed to be just CentOS. Could someone please tell me how I can “un-Redhat” a CentOS VM (from the point of view of Foreman). A screenshot of the problem is at . Note the “Subscription” section - we’d like this to be showing up as “Fully Entitled” rather than the error message.

From the point of view of the VM, it’s just CentOS, i.e.

[root@tur-assetbank1 ~]# cat /etc/redhat-release
CentOS Linux release 7.4.1708 (Core)

[root@tur-assetbank1 ~]# subscription-manager list

No installed products to list

That’s odd, I’m guessing from your subscription-manager list output you don’t have anything in /etc/pki/product/ ?

Maybe there use to be and Foreman hasn’t been updated yet, try subscription-manager refresh.

Thank you very much for the reply - On the client I’ve just checked /etc/pki/product and the directory is there (but empty):

[root@tur-assetbank1 ~]# ls -l /etc/pki/product
total 0

I also ran the subscription-manager refresh command and it’s come back with:

[root@tur-assetbank1 ~]# subscription-manager refresh
All local data refreshed

FWIW - Here’s a screenshot of the subscriptions tab for this particular content host:

And the main (host) view:

Thanks again for your help.


Product Certificates can be found in both /etc/pki/product and /etc/pki/product-default