Foreman Reports plugin: current state

Hey, in the upcoming couple of sprints, we are going to finish off the new Host Reports plugin that is going to replace Configuration Reports in Foreman core with much more optimized and scalable code. If you maintain one of the configuration management plugins, I recommend to watch this video which sums up how it works and where we are.

The plan is to have the plugin ready for Foreman 3.2 which will happen pretty soon. The reporting capability in Foreman will go away in 3.3 or 3.4. Affected plugins:

  • Foreman Chef
  • Foreman Salt
  • ?

What needs to be implemented:

  • Smart Proxy “processor” that turns native reports into foreman reports
  • UI page for presenting the report on screen
  • CLI API for returning meaningful data to the CLI

Let us know if you need help.