Foreman_scap_client installation error

Foreman and Proxy versions: Foreman 3.5 + Katello 4.7


When I try to run the ansible roles which in my case includes the foreman scap client, I’ve got this on RH6 clients (and only on RH clients, its working on RH7 / RH8 and even CentOS 7/8)

TASK [theforeman.foreman_scap_client : Install the foreman_scap_client package] ***
fatal: [XXXXXX]: FAILED! => {“changed”: false, “msg”: “Error: Module unable to decode valid JSON on stdin. Unable to figure out what parameters were passed”}

Can you help me to make it working please ?


Are you running Foreman on EL8, more specifically EL 8.7+ which brings ansible-core 2.14? I’m afraid that doesn’t support EL6 clients anymore.

Hello, Yes you are right but I laready downgraded to ansible-core ansible-core-2.12.2-4.el8_6.x86_64.
Is this not enough to solve this issue ?


That should be sufficient.

Do you have any external smart proxies that could also be used for Ansible execution?

No external proxy neither

With the downgrade and any other proxy still the same issue

Very strange because from the same foreman server (with the downgrade I mentionned above) it’s working fine to install the scap-client on a CentOS 6 client, but I’ve got this error on a RH6 client.

Any other idea ?