Foreman search syntax "list" (^)

Foreman Doc’s, as well as autocomplete list (^) as a valid operation. it translates to IN in SQL-speak. However - no valid examples are provided anywhere that i can find.

I attempted today for a while to make it work. I have a query right now as follows:
params.param1 = stuff or params.param1 = things or params.param1 = stuff2 … params.param1 = finalthing

I’m trying to switch this to IN but i can’t figure out the syntax in the UI (to then translate to the API eventually)

Does anyone have a working example using ^ with multiple items? I’ve tried ", ', , () and many combinations of them - all resulting in mysql syntax error(s) as it isnt getting passed to mysql in the correct format…

The only thing i’ve gotten to work is a single check params.param1 ^ stuff
but that is no better than equals…

TY in advance!

~Jason Lang


this works for me name ^ (default, test)

Hope that helps

Hello Jason,

The correct format should be params.param1 ^ (stuff, things, stuff2) and works for e.g. name : name ^ (, For params it does not work properly and is producing invalid SQL. This is IMO a bug and should be reported. Could you file it as a new issue in our tracker ( or should I do it?


@mbacovsky @Marek_Hulan Thanks for the help!

It turns out the syntax i had was indeed correct (and simple!) I had been taring my hair out thinking i was missing undocumented escape characters in my query, however, as soon as i tried with “environment” or “name” it worked flawlessly. It seems it is indeed like you said and the bug lies when doing a list search using “params”

I’ve opened a issue item with the mysql error it is throwing here: Bug #25663: Foreman Search “list” syntax with Params does not work - Foreman

Thanks again for the sanity check!

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