Foreman section 7.1 noVNC request to add info on encrpted/VNC and SPICE configurations under libvirt


While configuring VNC encrypted connection under Infrastructure -> Compute
Resources -> Libvirt (provider) with Display Type (VNC/SPICE)

I came across 2 issues one of which was discussed here
( and other in regards to QXL
video driver (default in RHEL7) for VMs undocumented as far as I know…

Adding these solutions to current foreman 7.1 section for noVNC will
benefit others.

Issue 1:

If you use self sign certificates (like me) and receives an error
"WebSock-error-object-Event" when trying to stablish a VNC encrypted
sessions then do the following:

Issue 2:

If you manage your thick KVM hosts (as a libvirt provider) via Katello
1.8.0-RC3 or Foreman (latest release) and try to setup VNC/SPICE sessions
(both affected) then you need to be aware that video driver QXL (default)
in KVM at RHEL7.X wont work. Instead use the Cirrus driver.

I hope the above helps.

Best regards,