Foreman Slack plugin


tl;dr - If you are using Slack, a new plugin will send events from Foreman
to your Slack channel.

I have created a little plugin which sends events (currently only one event

  • Host is built) from your Foreman to a Selected Slack channel.
    I believe this is handy for events like "Host is built" or "Puppet error

The plugin is at its very beginning. It currently supports only one event,
Host is built.
I'd love to get some feedback, and if this plugin is even something you'd

The plugin is available at

It currently can be tested by adding to Gemfile.local.rb:
gem 'foreman_slack', github: 'shlomizadok/foreman_slack'

The gem does not require any migrations.

Please note that you will need to configure Slack's incoming webhook url, a
channel and a user.
Those settings are at /settings, in the Slack tab.

Upon completion, when a new host will be built, you will get on your Slack

Hope this will be handy to some of you :slight_smile: