Foreman ssl settings

Good afternoon. I have foreman 2.4, which is currently running without ssl. Please tell me if there is some kind of manual, how can I upload an ssl certificate for repositories to him, so that clients would go to the repositories not over http, but over https

Expected outcome:
repositories work over httpS protocol
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It seems you’re talking about Foreman with Katello, which comes with the Candlepin. Candlepin serves as a CA and should generate such entitlements certificates, which are used to authenticate and authorize the repository access. If you’re more interested in how to secure the webapp (not repositories), if you use the foreman-installer, it can generate self-signed puppet CA and use the certificates from it for securing the web server. I don’t think we have a tutorial/steps to do it documented, but happy to be corrected.

And if we talk about a clean installation, is it possible to somehow embed an ssl certificate to protect the application?