Foreman support for Oracle OEL

I have synced the OEL repo in foreman and I see the packages and errata. I grabbed subscription-manager and rhn-tools from centos and joined the foreman server with a OEL server. when I look at the server in content-hosts I see the subscription shows “fully entitled” and the katello agent is installed. under "installed products it says "“You do not have any Installed Products”. I have the products/repos/lifecycles/cv all set up properly.
Expected outcome:
I am testing this at my home, but at work I am now tasks with supporting OEL in addition to RHEL. at work I currently have satellite 6.5 for my 200+ rhel servers. I would like be able to add the OEL servers to satellite if possible.
Foreman and Proxy versions:

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“You do not have any installed products” is shown, because normally the subscription-manager is used with Redhat. You can ignore this message.

I guess, if you type “subscription-manager repos” on the host
you will see the available repos. Have a look at /etc/yum.repos.d/redhat.repo, too.

If you execute “subscription-manager list --consumed” you should see the list of consumed subscriptions.

Satellite 6 does not support Oracle Linux. If you need a supported version for OEL you should have a look at orcharhino.