Foreman talks/meet-ups at RedHat Summit next week?

Hi, Foreman devs!

Any of you presenting/attending RedHat Summit next week in SF?
Would like to meet/chat/have beers.

Please let me know.

@Konstantin_Orekhov yep, Foreman will have a booth in Community Central again this year, and quite a few of the devs will be there (although off the top of my head I don’t have the exact list :P). Head on over and say hi!

@Konstantin_Orekhov are you attending summit? As @Gwmngilfen said, there will be devs at the Foreman Booth in community central, some pulp folks, and some more devs over at the Satellite booth in the Management space. Some fokls who will be there include @Marek_Hulan, @Brad_Buckingham, @dLobatog, @Mike_McCune, @ehelms, @SACHIN_GHAI and @aruzicka

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Awesome, I’ll find you, guys, this afternoon.