Foreman_templates 1.5.0 released

Hi all,

I'm happy to announce the release of foreman_templates 1.5.0. This
release brings three major changes:

  1. The option to associate OSs to templates under different
    conditions. You may now select associate= never|always|new and
    defaults to "new" to preserve the previous behaviour. When set to
    "always" then existing templates associations will be updated in
    addition to new templates. When set to "never", no templates wil have
    their OS associations updated.

  2. The plugin will attempt to guess a default branch if one is not
    specified. This will use the version of Foreman that the plugin is
    currently running in, and will look for a branch matching
    "stable-<version>" or "develop" if running Foreman Nightly. So, for
    example, if you are using Foreman 1.7, the plugin will look for a
    "stable-1.7" branch. If the guessed branch does not exist, it will
    fall back to the default branch (usually "master"), preserving
    previous behaviour.

  3. Use of the Git rubygem replaces shelling out to the commandline
    git command. This allows slightly more robust repo handling, but is
    consequently quieter in it's output (you won't see the clone output

Many thanks to all the contributors for writing and testing the patches!

This has been available in the deb and rpm plugin repos for a little
over a week (I meant to send this last week, but life got away from me
a little :p) so you may already have it. If not, it's available now.
Please do report issues in the usual way.