Foreman theme plugin

I want to open a discussion about a new plugin I'm building called foreman_theme(, this plugin enables you to change foreman looks and some of the functionality by changing foreman assets(js,css,img).
The plugin works by adding new assets routes and changing the order by which they are loaded without changing nothing in the core.
For partly overriding a file we need to include/import the original file.

We have two minor issues:

  • sass_rails gem is a bit out dated(can't update it before moving to rails 4) so for now we cant use scss.erb which force us to add the full path to the @import method manually, on moving to rails 4 the scss files will be able to use erb hence in the @import method the full path wont be need, just the file name.
  • When overriding scss files we should use the SASS @import(without it, the vars and mixins would be unavailable) but in cases the original file uses the //=require method we will need to also add the //=include_foreman method(a method I've added to the Sprockets engine), you can see an example for this behavior , kinda ugly :), would like to hear if anyone has a better solution.

I'll be glad to hear some comments,