Foreman ultra debugging mode

I was wondering how would you like a flag/setting that would cause Foreman Rails app to print all input and output data into DEBUG logger. Sometimes I simply want to see what is coming in puppet reports or something like that, tcpdump is hard because of HTTPS. Is there some existing hack to see that or do we need to add such a feature?

Could you provide more examples? I always have debug log level with all logger enabled and I usually do not miss any information. If I don’t see something I need during debugging, I put pry to that place anyway.

Does Rails always log full input? I think it does. Then just scratch this thread, I was just thinking loud.

It prints all incomnig params at INFO log level except for those that are explicitly filtered, e.g. I don’t want to see the whole puppet report json or user passwords there.

Facts get filtered too - and you can alter the filtering setup in /config if you need to see that locally.