Foreman Upgrade from 0.4 to 1.1

We did change the ENC (node.rb) and reporting (foreman.rb) scripts for
Puppet in Foreman 1.1, so make sure you read the 1.1 release notes and
follow the links to get new ones.

If you're using a single database for Puppet and Foreman, note that this
is deprecated in Foreman 1.1 and unsupported in 1.2, so you should take
a copy and separate it at this point.

Also consider doing a fresh install with the installer, taking a copy of
the database and running a db:migrate to bring it up to date. This
would give you a "modern" installation with all your existing data.

··· On 29/05/13 23:08, Brent Clark wrote: > Hi, > > Looking for some advice/help. I have Foreman 0.4 running and am > wondering what gotchas there might be upgrading to Foreman 1.1? > > Thanks!!

Dominic Cleal
Red Hat Engineering