Foreman upgrade from 3.8 to 3.9 failed

@dmgeurts I think the issue is the you happened to have tomcat from a small window where it was broken and then got removed from the repos. I think you said you now have a new version of tomcat installed?

  • What version of tomcat is on your system?
  • Is pki-servlet-engine installed?
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@ehelms I have to admit, I hadn’t checked until you asked. tomcat was installed and not pki-servlet-engine.

dnf let me uninstall tomcat without complaining about dependencies and to be certain I then installed pki-servlet-engine, because it wasn’t and from this thread I know it needs to be. I checked Foreman health and noticed an issue with foreman_tasks, I’m not sure if that was related to anything, but for good measure, I stopped Foreman and reran the installer and it completed fine. All services are showing as healthy now and tomcat is no more.

Thank you for asking!