Foreman upgrade Ver 1.9 to latest release

Hi All,

It is possible to upgrade foreman to latest release without any downtime or any issues? if so please let me know any prerequisite or guild lines to upgrade.


Absolutely, but from such an old release, I would be sure to take backups of both the DB and the machine itself. That version is very old.

Note you have to go through each major version in turn (1.9 -> 1.10 -> 1.11 …) and not jump directly to the latest version, as we don’t support that.

That’s impossible to guarantee. At the very least the system will be unresponsive during the package upgrades and subsequent database migrations (the length of which will depend strongly on the number of hosts you manage). If anything goes wrong (and that’s possible, old systems gather bugs) then you’ll need to have time to investigate. The correct approach is to schedule some kind of “at risk” or “maintenance” time, just in case.

The manual has an Upgrade section detailing the appropriate steps. Start with the 1.10 version - Foreman :: Manual