Foreman upstream to Red Hat Satellite?

Is Foreman considered an upstream to Red Hat Satellite? Looking at the Red Hat Satellite interface, it looks very much like Foreman. How are new features and bug fixes shared between the Foreman and the Red Hat Satellite project?

Satellite is based on Foreman. See Satellite 6 Component Versions - Red Hat Customer Portal

Satellite is a branded and packaged version of Foreman with Katello and various other plugins. It currently has a 6-month release cycle; there’s one Satellite release for every two upstream releases. Satellite 6.11 was based on Foreman 3.1 and Katello 4.3; Satellite 6.12 will be based on Foreman 3.3 and Katello 4.5. A given Satellite release will contain all features and bug fixes from its corresponding versions of Foreman & Katello, plus a selection of backported fixes.