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Im not entirely sure this is the correct forum but i cannot seem to finding other places to ask

we have been running an older version of puppet and foreman - and we are considering buying ansible tower (we have a mix of centos and ubuntu) - and properly gonna migrate to AlmaLinux aswell

Is ansible/foreman the wrong way to go here? - considering we are searching for at bare metal deployment

Hey @lkn

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What are your use cases?

We have Ansible documentation, as well as Foreman/AWX integration docs here:

From what you’ve written, I’ve no way to tell what your needs are.
The more details you provide, the better, but first off, take a look through our docs and see does that answer your questions!

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Hi @mcorr

mainly we use foreman for bare metal deployment of the vm main for standardisation of the vms → then we wish to utilize ansible for configuration tasks.

Hey @lkn

I can’t really speak about Ansible Tower v Foreman for these requirements.

It seems like Foreman can handle all of those requirements.
Is there any particular reason for your company thinking about migrating away from Foreman?
Is there anything that is not being handled as required?


some of this is still new to me - we learn by doingish :slight_smile:

our current foreman is 1.24 (which seems to be quite old) - and we have another even older legacy wise

first we had a intent to go with saelttie but was dropped - i have gotten an approve for ansible tower - but we still need some kind of bare metal deployment for the os.

some of it can seem a bit hard to get started with - tho foreman is a really nice project :slight_smile:

we have limited daily time but we need standardized deployment.

Any idea what was the logic for not going ahead with Satellite in favour of Tower?

We have a pretty comprehensive guide to all available provisioning in Foreman here:

So, if you go ahead with Ansible Tower, you could integrate it with Foreman if you still need Foreman for bare metal provisioning.
You’ll have to probably do some more comprehensive requirements gathering to truly understand if Tower is really what you need for configuration management.


We are in dialog with redhat - but there is a money question about saliette and usage of rhel which seems to be a deal breaker for those approving the money… so you know have to find other solutions - we were considering just utilizing vmware templates - but compared to what foreman can do - it would be going back not forward. - we wish to move away from puppet due to the language puppet use and its simply just way to old ^^ :slight_smile:

@mcorr Ansible has some modules which really suits our needs as of management due the our own developers aswell and its a whole lot of easier to read than other due to yaml

Do you have any other suggestions for configuration management? -

Obviously, there is Puppet, which a lot of the community use actively.

There is also Salt, and we’d a pretty in-depth deep dive at our recent ForemanCon: Current developments at Foreman Salt (bastian-src) - YouTube

We have a Chef plugin for configuration management, but it is not regularly maintained and might not be functional.

If anyone else is reading and wants to suggest something I have forgotten, please jump in :slight_smile:

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Hello again

we still really like Ansible simply due to syntax and ease of use - but i dont know if integrations is a limitation with foreman i guess we might go back to the design board

we really cant see ourself moving away from what foreman can give - but we plan to deploy ansible and foreman sidebyside the old solution and migrate

but i guess what this comes to down is to investigate if ansible tower and foremann can we friends.

Take a look a tthis ^

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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I’d say Foreman + Ansible is a strong combo. Recent version made the ansible integration closer to the config management experience. AWX/Tower would become very useful if you have app deployments cross multiple nodes.

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