Foreman VM PXE Help

Foreman PXE boot leaves machine displaying boot:

Expected outcome:
PXE boots VM with CentOS

Other relevant data:
Under smart proxy I have this in logs:
ERROR 404 not found
ERROR 404 not found

These two files already exist in /var/lib/tftpboot/boot so not sure why this is occuring. Furthermore, in smart proxiy -> Server, it says false for tftp server. Does that mean it is not enabled?

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I have missed this thread for some reason, weird. Anyway.

Your Installation Media is not correct, you need to make sure it renders to a valid URL. Those defaults we ship do work out of box, you had to modify it incorrectly.

Also, please try to avoid PXE booting from original CentOS mirror, make your own copy and install from there. Every install is about 1 GB transfer and that cost a lot of money. Thanks!

Hi there lzap, thanks for the warm welcomes. I got it to work correctly except halfway through installing, I get a 404 error saying “provision template not found for <MY_HOST_NAME> running <OS_NAME>”. I cant seem to figure out what is causing this. I checked the unattended link with the token and am getting the same error.

I replied in the other thread for the token problem.