Foreman-VMWare: How to create a host with auto DHCP configuration (instead of static IP Adress)?

Good Morning together,

first, sorry for my bad english. Its not my mother language but i try my

I want to create a VM over Foreman on VMWare with Windows operating System
and a user_data Template.

Ive configured a subnet in it. Foreman get a IP Adress from the MS DHCP
SmartProxy. Everything ok. The only problem i have is,
that formen-vmware always makes the ip as static ip configuration in
Windows. Its not a problem that the Windows System have the IP Adress i get
from the SmartProxy, but we dont configure static ip adresses in this
subnet where we provisioning hosts.

Iam sure, i can change this in the user_data Template who are connectet
with the operating system.
It looks like this:


  • adapter:
    dnsDomain: <%= @host.domain %>
    - <%= @host.subnet.dns_primary %>
    - <%= @host.subnet.gateway %>
    ip: <%= @host.ip %>
    subnetMask: <%= @host.subnet.mask %>
    • <%= @host.subnet.dns_primary %>
    • <%= @host.domain %>

I dont know how i can change this to that the adapter use static settings.
Because if i just delete the nicSettingsMap or globalIPSettings, then the
user_data template does not work anymore.
And iam honest, i really dont understand how i can solve this by myself
with a documentaiton, because i dont find one where this is explained in

can anyone help?

iam thanksful for any sugesstions

best regards