Foreman vs and or Vagrant

Hi All,
I just struggle with some decisions that I shoult take.
We are just doing a re-orgaization within the development department and
within Technical operations regarding continuous developement and
SO here my question. At this time I use Foreman to prepare some demos to
present the strength of puppet and foreman like
easy update and upgrade of applications
Config Management… and so on…
WIth foreman I can easy setup new VMs in our VSpere Cluster

… at the same time the development department wants to automate their
Jenkins environment to prepare automated testing and deployment of software
build onto test VMs.
So I think… developement will use Vagrant for VM provisioning and use
Jenkins to set it up… all controlled by Jenkins. But this doesn't give
TechOps no chance to take benift when they have to deploy the stuff onto
Production systems.
No Puppet scripts are there for the installation and we still get one MSI
Package or one SQL satement that has to be deployed… we have to write the
Puppet code new … So double work.
So I would need some arguments … if there are to only use one VM
Provisioning system… like Foreman, or could vagrant and foreman exist
together … what are your experiences?

Input very welcome