Foreman vs Katello scenarios : explanations needed


A couple of months ago, I tried to dive into Katello, starting from scratch
as a newbie.
During the install, and thanks to the help of some of you via IRC, I found
out that I had to specify the kind of scenario I wanted (that is to say :
It went well and I played a while with it.

Then, though not remembering why, I tried to add a role to this setup,
and tried to add the Foreman role, through --scenario=foreman .
It was this moment Nico knew… he f****d up. ™
A series of actions of mine lead to some random and terrible setup crashes,
and lead to a pause.
Another point also lead to a pause, when I realized that Katello 3.1 did
not support Puppet 4, though all the servers I intended to manage were to
use Puppet 4 as specified in their default repos.

All this to ask for some basic explanations about the Foreman+Katello
server :

  • When setting up such a server
  • do I have to choose between the Katello role OR the Foreman role
  • I can have a setup with both roles on the same server
  • When adding the Katello role, it looked like the web GUI changed quite a
    lot, adding or changing lots of things. Is all those changes at the expense
    of pure Foreman features?

Thank you for enlightening these points.

··· -- Nicolas ECARNOT

While there may be some subtle differences to what I say, essentially the
Katello scenario is a Foreman install but with the Katello plugin added and
configured on top of that. Running the Katello plugin is an extension of
Foreman rather than a replacement for it.

Those subtle differences are in areas like support of Puppet 4, although
this is now working in Katello 3.2 latest RC.

Whichever end-result you want, definitely run your first install with the
right scenario. And don't change the scenario from that point. I'm not
aware of changing scenario being supported (even if it is, I wouldn't be
trying it on my own installs).

Hope this helps