Foreman will move from Google Groups to Discourse on 1st Jan 2018

Hi all,

TLDR - the mailing lists will be switched to read-only at the end of 31st Dec, and from 1st Jan, we will be moving to Discourse [0]. Message me on the forum at [1] if you have questions.

Over the last month, the users and dev communities have debated migrating from mailing lists to a forum. The result is that we will be migrating
to a Discourse forum at the end of the year.

If you've not already seen the post on foreman-users, and do want to participate in the community over on Discourse, the you can go here [2] to the post on foreman-users for all the details on how to get started with Discourse.

If you *just* want to get announcements for new releases, then you now have a new option - there is an RSS feed for our new Announcements category - you can get the feed here:

We hope you will join us on Discourse, obviously, but this might be all you need
for new releases, security updates, and so on.

All three of our Google Groups will be active until 31st December, after which
all newposts will come from Discourse. Please do update your systems so you don't miss new announcements!

Greg "Gwmngilfen" Sutcliffe
Foreman Community Lead