Foreman_wreckingball breaks nightly repoclosure

Could anyone have a look at this failure. It’s blocking foreman-plugins-release which means our nightly plugin updates don’t propagate.

package: tfm-rubygem-foreman_wreckingball-3.0.0-1.fm1_19.el7.noarch from undertest-yum_el7-651288553-76
  unresolved deps: 
     tfm-rubygem(foreman-tasks) < 0:0.14

Pinging @TimoGoebel since I recall him announcing it. If we can’t resolve this right now with upgrading the foreman-tasks requirement my request would be to drop wreckbingball for the time being to unblock other plugin releases.

I’ll take a look first thing Monday morning. It should be enough to relax the foreman-tasks requirement.

I have released a new version and opened a packaging PR.

I believe rex will also need a version bump. It also has tasks 0.13 pinned.