Foreman Xen - VM is allways created with one vCPU

When i create VM using foreman-xen plugin, VM is always created with only one vCPU, no matter what i define in compute profiles. Other settings from compute profile (like disk size) are applied OK. Also, if i manually specify number of vCPUs in “create host” dialogue, it has no effect, VM is created with one vCPU.

Expected outcome:
VM is created with as many vCPU as i desire :slight_smile:

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
ruby-foreman-xen 1.0.0-1

Other relevant data:
Hypervisor: XCP-ng pool 7.6 (pool with 2 hosts). All functions should be identical like Xenserver 7.6

I have filed an issue and posted logs here:


I think that this bug has been solved incorrectly…

If you look at: the variable is actually uses the uppercase variant…

Using the upstream 1.0.1 version fails for us, when trying to deploy, telling us that the uppercase variant of the variable can’t be found…

I don’t know how this has been working for @Nikola, but as far as I can tell, the variable has never been using the lower case variant…

Can we please reverse this commit?