ForemanCon Day 1

Monday, November 15

**Break if this ends early **

Google Meet:


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Can you please reply to this thread with some information about your talks? So that people know what they have to look forward to. A few sentences is fine !

My Applicability Deep Dive will introduce the new Katello applicability system and take a closer look at its inner workings. I’ll show how the new applicability request queue works and the Dynflow tasks that consume its resources. Since the changes are almost completely under-the-hood, the talk will be focused on code, design diagrams, and performance improvements.


Modern applications are composed of different services that are operated on separate servers and are connected to each other. This presentation introduces the plugin foreman_acd, which allows the orchestration of entire interconnected applications. Reference foreman parameters, adding existing hosts to an application instance and the improved application instance deployment progress report are changes of the last month which will be shown, too.


Introduction to Oracle ULN repositories and how user can create and sync oracle Unbreakable Linux Network repositories using Katello. The topic also include/show GUI enhancement when creating Debian repositories in Katello which gives user more hints and information on how they can create them and it also warns them if the data is not correct.


The new host page is a major step for modernising foreman’s UI, this journey was opened to foreman’s community, carefully designed by UX experts and implemented among foreman and plugins developers, in this session we will take a closer look over the journey , a live deep dive and some thoughts for the future.


Connection details would be appreciated. :wink:

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Here is the Google Meet for the two days

Sorry for the delay!

Salt is a configuration management tool similar to Ansible and Puppet. The Foreman Salt plugin enables the management, monitoring, and configuration of Salt with Foreman. In this session, we will have a look at the present functionalities of the plugin, how it can be used to manage Salt, and latest features which are currently in development.


We get started in just under two hours!
Join us today!

We are starting!

We are live! Join us

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Katello Applicability has just started, join us!

This talk begins in 5 mins, our final talk of the day!

I have uploaded the videos from today and added them to our YouTube channel.
Thank you all very much for truly excellent talks today!