Forklift or pure theforeman.operations for deploying into production via ansible?

Hi there,

I am currently looking into automating a TheForeman deployment via Ansible and was wondering what the intended use for forklift vs the theforeman.operations collection is.

Since it’s so heavily featured in forklifts README, is forklifts main purpose mainly to spin up development environments? Is one preferred over the other when deploying foreman into production?

(vs pure usage of roles and modules from theforeman.operations)

Any suggestions are very much appreciated!
I’m just want to choose the best practice option in this scenario.

It is certainly possible to deploy production setups with forklift, but you are right the primary target is development and CI workloads. Additionally, the set of roles has a rather long history and might not always be up to date with current Ansible best practices.

On the other hand the operations collection tries to be an opinionated, best practice set of things we want production to look like (or deployed with, to be more precise). Most of the things in there evolved out of roles in forklift anyways.

So if you ask me, please go with the operations collection and report back on anything that you think that should be possible with it, but isn’t today (double so if it is possible with forklift).