Forklift Updates


Today we merged an update to Forklift that removes the devel boxes by
default to encourage developers to configure their environments ahead of
time for their needs. Thus, centos6-devel and centos7-devel have been
"removed" and added to a boxes.yaml.example designed to give examples of
how to configure common custom boxes.

IF you have an existing boxes.yaml, you will want to copy the contents of
boxes.yaml.example into your boxes.yaml file.

This change corresponds to changes in the puppet-katello_devel module that
have been designed to give developers more flexibility such as being able
to have their forks automatically setup, use ssh by default, or add other
plugins to their development environment setup and ready to be developed.

For more information please see the updated 'Development Deployment'
section [1].


ยทยทยท -- Eric D. Helms Red Hat Engineering Ph.D. Student - North Carolina State University