Forman Discovery

**I want to created also that will promt for IP address:
At the moment i have satellite 6.6 and i would like to create a iso image using foreman dicovery to create a image that will prompt me for the ip addr once booted. At the moment i have a image that get the IP using dhcp.

**Create ISO that promts the IP addr. **

Using satellite 6.6


In that case, do not add fdi.pxauto=1 option, this will cause the FDI to go interactive.

discovery-remaster ~/iso/foreman-discovery-image-3.4.4-5.iso "fdi.pxip= fdi.pxgw= fdi.pxdns= proxy.url= proxy.type=proxy fdi.pxmac=52:54:00:be:8e:8c" 
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So this will create an iso that has the ip that you provided. How would i create it with the same command but it will prompt me on boot time ?

Can you please read the chapter 8.9 and come back to me if there is something unclear so we can improve it.

I have read chapter 8.9.

Now when my image boots up i do get prompted for the IP. After that i am able to provision from satellite. But once that happens i get this error


Since the error above mentions an error 500 (as this is a server response, it means it at least hit an HTTP server); Also, doesn’t it mention which resource it tried to access? (cause now we only get a cropped error response…)

Also, if it did try to reach the foreman proxy, can you check out the foreman-proxy logs why it returned a 500? Usually the default logs are verbose enough to understand the root cause :slight_smile:

You can always share the relevant part of the logs if you want :slight_smile:

Kind regards & good luck!

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This is completely different issue that you started talking about. The title is also not very descriptive. You can’t get quality responses with such a vague intput. Please spend your time investigating and providing more relevant data.