Free text field data from 2018 Survey

[importer notes - the hidden data has been lost, and will be rewritten later]

So, as discussed previously, I thought it might be interesting to share the raw data from the survey, where the question was an open-ended invitation for comments. There may be some solid ideas in here for some people, or potential projects for newcomers, or to add to the mentoring page.

To keep the spam down, I’ve used hide-details expandable sections - I have no idea how this will render for email users, so apologies if this is huge :wink:. Each field has had blanks and duplicates removed, and then sorted alphabetically - you can see my code here.

Any other feedback about our support and documentation?

What’s the most important thing Foreman solves for you today?

What expansion plans do you have for Foreman in the next year?

What’s the most important thing you’d like to see done next in Foreman?

Do you have any additional comments or special requests? What pain points should be addressed?

Any comments or suggestions you’d like to make about Hammer?

Any comments or suggestions you’d like to make about the API?

How do you manage your content?

What’s your biggest problem blocker with contributing to Foreman that we need to solve?

These are in the order that they’re encountered in the CSV, so the order may feel a bit weird in isolation. Hope it’s useful! The full blog post will be ready soon with all the graphs, but for now, enjoy :slightly_smiling_face: