FreeIPA and Foreman realm development setup


I have written a short guide on how to setup FreeIPA with Foreman Proxy for realm development and testing. Dropping the link here as it could be interesting for others:

Have fun!


Hi @lzap,

Nice guide !

We also have some freeIPA support in the forklift, but it is not ideal.
Though if more people would find it usefull, should we improve that?

Are there any reasons why you didn’t use forklift for that, something we could improve to get better usability or just improving documentation?

I had no idea we have that frankly. We do a terrible job in advertising what Forklift is capable of. Quick search of “IPA” in the readme and related documents shows nothing. Anyways.

Does it install smart-proxy from git? Because I was looking into a patch and I needed a development smart proxy environment. I think Forklift is more focused on Foreman/Katello (Ruby on Rails) and smart-proxy is installed from RPMs. There are some smart-proxy related scenarios, I am not sure if FreeIPA is one of them.

No, the idea is you spin up the box with vagrant up centos7-freeipa-server and then point your develop setup to it.

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