Fresh install guidance

We are struggling to find documentation to install and use foreman on our environment.
Foreman server: Debian11
Provision bare metal server with Debian 11 bullseye
No puppet, only ansible.

Thanks in advance for your guidance

Have you tried Installing Foreman 3.0 server on Debian and Foreman :: Quickstart?

Yep, and that’s exactly the point.
The documentation does not show compatibility with Debian11 and forces to install puppet server.

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Oh wait, Debian 11. Right. We don’t support that yet. (see Plans for Debian 11 (Bullseye) support)

And yes, right now Puppetserver is still installed, but you don’t need to use it :slight_smile:

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Any doc/tips to hook up a new installation with an existing Puppet (v6) setup?

We are using an old v1.14 installation and looking for upgrade paths to the latest setup with Katello while keeping our existing Puppet6 setup.