GET subnet by name through API

**Problem: We have foreman managing lots of subnets and resources. and we wrote a provisioning system built on top of foreman. now i have an issue that- we want to query foreman thru api to see if a given subnet exists in foreman, if not, go create it. however, the only way i found now is to list all subnets and look for that subnet name (since get subnet is id based, without listing, there seems no way for me to know the foreman id of my subnet). and the problem is - we have a lot of subnets, listing is very slow.
Im kinda wondering, is there a fast way to get subnet by name thru API without knowing the subnet id first.
(we are running 1.14 version.)

**Expected outcome: some suggestion on which API to call to get subnet by name instead of id.

**Foreman and Proxy versions:1.14

**Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:1.14

Other relevant data:

Each listing API endpoint accepts search parameter, the same search that you can use on each list page in UI. So you could search with query like “name = my_subnet”.

We’d be interested in seeing your provisioning system built on top of Foreman. How about doing a deepdive or blog post showing how it looks and works? :slight_smile: