Getting 'No bootable device' message

After successfully completed foreman installation, I came across an issue
on provisioning a host.

From 'Smart Proxies' UI menu, these are the features that are installed in
my foreman, TFTP, DNS, DHCP, Puppet, and Puppet CA.
In 'Smart proxies' menu, I have Doman, Subnet information defined. I
followed the 'Install provisioning with DHCP' command line, and also set
up the 'Installation media' and up to the last step which is 'Completion'

In the bottom of the 'Completion' page there is an option to create a new
host. I clicked that option, and filled all required information. Host,
Interfaces, Opearting System, and Virtual Machined information are all
filled in.

In the 'Interface' section, I unchecked 'Managed' option. (Manage option:
Should this interface be managed via DHCP and DNS smart proxy and should it
be configured during provisioning?)

After all information is filled in, I clicked submit, and the VM is created
but I got the following error message:
iPXE 1.0.0+ – Open Source Network Boot Firmaware –

net0: xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx using rt18139 on PCI00:04.0 (open)
[Link:up, TX:0 TXE:0 RX:0 RXE:0]
DHCP (net0 xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx)… ok
net0: gw
Nothing to boot: No such file or directory (
No more network devices

Boot device: Hard Disk - failure: disk not bootable

No bootable device.
Powering off in 30 seconds

Below is the information about subnets:

  • Network address:
  • Network mask:
  • Gateway address:
  • Primary DNS server:
  • Secondary DNS:
  • IPAM: Internal DB
  • Start IP:
  • End of IP:
  • VLAN ID:
  • Boot mode: DHCP

I followed the instruction that ipxe shows, but
for some reason, echo ${filename} and echo ${root-path} returns nothing,
which is empty string.
I really appreciate if any of you guys want to share your expertise and
experiences that you have regarding this issue.