Hammer change hostgroup does not work but works in GUI

In the Katello GUI you can go to All Hosts then select a host and give it a Hostgroup name when the only thing configured in the Hostgroup is the name of the group.

When you try the following via hammer however:
hammer host update --name td3us1tdsmd01-host01.***.net --hostgroup-id 6
The result is:
Could not update the host:
Content view can’t be blank
Lifecycle environment can’t be blank

I am running:

I am not happy that hammer is doing this as I just want to use the hostgoup for an ansible script. But should not both the GUI and hammer produce the same results?


So this issue is related to hostgroups not having a content view and lifecycle env defined.

It would be nice if there was a configuration that permitted users who aren’t using puppet to use hostgroups to organize hosts for ansible consumption without defining these values.