Hammer-CLI not provisioning the host

Hi Guys,

I am trying to create auto discovered host from the hammer-cli with below parameter
hammer discovery provision --id “15” --location “Default Location” --organization “Default Organization” --architecture “x86_64” --operatingsystem “CentOS 7.6.1810” --medium “CentOS-arc”
but when server boots it goes back in discovery mode and i dont why?
where incase i provisioned from the UI it working fine.
can someone please help here where I am going wrong?


My two cents, I think your system is default to ISO/Disk boot and hence its going in loop. Are you doing PXE or PXEless provisioning ? In PXEless provisioning client system does not reboot and installation starts using kexec, to use PXEless set TFTP capsule ‘empty’ for subnet on which you are provisioning. With this you also need to have kexec template associated with Operating System.

I am doing PXE boot installation and not sure about default to ISO/Disk boot… can you point me to check the setting… where is the configuration to check ?


If you are doing the PXE boot then client system BIOS settings should have network boot as first preference. With this on reboot it should get pxe booting and should not start the discovery process again !