Hammer set-parameter with yaml

I have tried every possible way I can think of to assign a parameter of type yaml from the CLI. Most times I can get Foreman to accept the parameter but when I use it in ansible it does not work. If I put in the GUI the correct value that works with ansible and then dump it out I get this:

  abc_snmp_users => - security_name: snmpcollect
        auth_proto: SHA
        auth_token: {{ abc_snmpv3_auth_token }}
        priv_proto: AES
        priv_token: {{ abc_snmpv3_priv_token }}

How do I convert that to a hammer command that I can run on the CLI? I have tried things like this:

hammer organization set-parameter --organization-title “ABC-OPS” --name abc_snmp_users --parameter-type yaml --value=‘“- security_name”:“snmpcollect”," auth_proto":“SHA”," auth_token":“{{ abc_snmpv3_auth_token }}”," priv_proto":“AES”," priv_token":“{{ abc_snmpv3_priv_token }}”’