Has a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template been generated?

Does Foreman have a vendor VPAT document showing ADA Compliance? My team is trying to get it approved for use.


Hi @devopsguy1 - welcome to the community.

Could you expand a bit more? We are a global project, so I would need to know exactly what standard you’re looking for in compliance with which legislation. Then I can chase down an answer for you!

This exists for the Satellite product which is based off of Foreman.

– bk

More information is here: Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) | Section508.gov

It’s a US government regulation to ensure that any software used by the government meets accessibility standards for the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Thank you Bryan, if Foreman specifically doesn’t have anything I might be able to make the one for Satellite work

The Satellite one can be seen at Red Hat Satellite Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) - Red Hat Customer Portal

– bk