Has anybody done the GL650 course (or any other training courses with Katello content)?

Hi Guys

Has anybody has taken the GL650 Foreman + Katello training course provided by Gurulabs recently? I’d be interested in any feedback/experiences anybody has had with it.


I’ve seen a couple of other shorter/Udemy courses, but I think they others I’ve found to date are lean more towards Foreman and Puppet, and I’m primarily interested in using Foreman+Katello for patching. I’d also be curious if there were any alternative options, ideally for something reasonably in depth/comprehensive.



Not sure if this includes the thing you are looking for, but you could have a look at: Foreman :: Professional Services

I’m also not directly answering your question (I hope someone else can advise you)

Take a look at this video if you haven’t: Introduction to Katello - YouTube

This might be useful also for a workflow of everything put together:

We have a comprehensive guide here:


My general advice would be to try and follow along, test out whether we have the scenarios you need. A lot of people have asked and answers questions here that you might find useful to dig through as questions crop up
As you’re building out your scenario, you are free to come tell us the specifics and what you’ve tried, and others might have answers to get you to the next step.

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For reference I took the above course at the end of last year and it was very good, happy to recommend it to others.