Heads up: Foreman Plugin to integrate with Vault

Hi all,

the last months it has been rather quiet with plugin announcements from dmtech as we focussed on improving our existing plugins.
I’m happy to announce that we just open sourced foreman_vault, a plug-in that integrates Foreman with Hashicorp Vault.
Vault is a tool to manage secrets and is gaining a lot of popularity in the open source community.

You can find the plugin on our github and on rubygems.

Happy to receive any feedback.



Hi @TimoGoebel ,

Is it also possible to use these secrets as parameter value? for instance, I’d like to store our username & password in vault and use it in an ansible script?


Not yet, but please open an issue on the github project for your feature request.

On second thought, the parameter values can contain ERB. And the plugin adds a macro to get the value from vault.

Okay, will test this one out! Thanks for the input!

Hi @TimoGoebel, just wanted to let you know that this works as expected!

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I’ve also just created a PR to support PKI Certificate Requests from Vault:

Nice, do you mind sending a PR to describe this in the readme?

Hi! I’ve updated the PR with this information you requested.
While I’m on fire… I’ve also added a PR for a welcome page :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi @TimoGoebel,

I saw you’ve created a new release on github, I was wondering when this version 0.1.0 will be packaged and available to install? :slight_smile:


Feel free to submit a PR to rpm/develop. The easiest way is:

git checkout -b rpm/develop-bump-vault rpm/develop
./bump_rpm.sh packages/plugins/rubygem-foreman_vault

It doesn’t do everything, so you want to verify foreman_min_version is still correct for example.


Okay, followed this! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!