Help installing foreman_custom_banner plugin from source

Could somebody post simple steps for installing a plugin from source on

The plugin is

When I get to the step:

echo 'gem ''foreman_custom_banner''' >

followed by restart it fails with:

Undefined local variable or method `foreman_custom_banner' for Gemfile
from (eval):1 (Bundler::GemfileError)

I've tried following the "from source" installations on the old wiki page Version 14 - History - How to Install a Plugin - How to Install a Plugin - Foreman
as well as the manual

I'm sure it's some newbie error since I don't know Rails/Rake/Ruby/Gems/whatever :frowning:

Thanks in advance!


> echo 'gem ''foreman_custom_banner''' >
> ~foreman/bundler.d/foreman_custom_banner.rb

You have incorrect quotes:

echo 'gem "foreman_custom_banner"' …

Take care!

··· > -- Later, Lukas #lzap Zapletal