Help on Katello lifecycle_environments and Content_views

Dear all.
I have a question concerning the management of Lifecycle Environments and Content Views in Katello.
My Katello installation is currently managing a number of content hosts which are subscribed to the “Library” Lifecycle and “host” Content View.
Now, I need to create a completely new provisioning environment, using different repositories, puppet modules ecc… and I must be sure that nothing changes on the existing hosts, since they are running in production.
As far as I understood, I created:

  • New products whose content is synced to the new repositories
  • A new Lifecycle Environment “new-Lifecycle”
  • A new Content View “new-host” with the new products inside
    The problem is that as soon as I click on “Publish new Version” on the new Content View, katello says that the new contents will be published on the “Library” Lifecycle.
    Does this mean that the new repos will be immediately available to the existing hosts? Is there the possibility that some mechanism (ie. puppet) will trigger some kind of update on the existing hosts which will be using the new repos?

Thank you very much for your help

Kind Regards

Hi Riccardo,

You shouldn’t really be using the Library lifecycle environment for your hosts. Treat this as a default environment because (as you’re finding out) new content views get published to Library by default. The best way to protect your existing hosts is to create a new lifecycle (called production for example), and publish the existing version of the content view to this lifecycle and assign your hosts to it appropriately.

Hope that helps

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