Hidden Smart Class Parameter is not hidden in the puppet external node yml dump

Hello Developers,

if i hide over foreman a smart class parameter, it shows in the value box the hidden text ("*****") but the value is still in plaintext at the puppet external node yml dump in the Foreman UI.

Is this right?

Best Regards


This is similar to Feature #15196: Hidden global parameters should not be visible when click YAML button on host - Foreman (that one is about global parameters, but the impact and cause is the same).
Currently, the host yaml view shows exactly the yaml that is sent to the puppet ENC - this is very useful when debugging puppet issues, since you see exactly what puppet sees and therefor can figure out if the issue is in the puppet code or in the parameter value.
Hiding the value in the yaml view will prevent this, but will require some changes to generate a “redacted” view and may make debugging a bit more difficult. Currently this hasn’t been a high enough priority to be addressed, but pull requests are always welcome!