Hide Puppet options in web ui

Hi List,

I was looking for the cleanest / easiest to maintain way of hiding the
Puppet options in the web ui.

I see that there was already a pull request opened on this issue
Feature #15574: Hide Puppet-related options - Foreman however it never got

Obviously I could just fork the project and customize the UI for our
requirements, but having to maintain a custom fork and custom package
build doesn't seem like the best approach here.

I'm sure I'm not the only person who has tried to address this issue,
as there must be a number of people out there using Foreman with
SaltStack or Chef in place of Puppet, and would prefer those options
not appear in the UI, so I wanted to reach out to the list and see
what solutions might already be in place.

Any suggestions or feedback on this topic would be greatly appreciated.